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SIMPLE DESSERTS // Watermelon Cake! Top 11 Reasons to Make One for Your Next Celebration!

Wow! It’s the end of summer and August was my BIRTHDAY MONTH! It’s been a great summer filled with grazing tables, cheese, celebrations with friends and family, and many beach trips to explore the Oregon Coast to top it off! And I have you all to thank for your incredible encouragement, support and love over the past year.

I kept it light, healthy, sweet and airy with watermelon since my celebrations have been easy, and simple after my 100lb weight loss! Plus, it seems these days every grocery store is brimming with glorious melons just waiting to be sliced into! I just love the mini seedless varieties as they are easy to handle and perfectly sweet.

If you are unsure HOW TO SELECT A WATERMELON here you go -- Make sure to choose one with a nice "field spot" (a round yellow spot on the bottom of the watermelon where it sat in the sun ripening on the vine) AND it feels heavier than it looks upon inspection. Choose one with a dark green and creamy yellow rind that has a dull appearance vs shiny.

*Styling Tip: Use a serrated knife for the best cut.

Here are my TOP 11 REASONS to make a watermelon cake for your next celebration. Stay till the end to see some fantastic watermelon cakes from a couple of my influencer friends that inspired my own!

1. Watermelon cakes are a fresh, healthy alternative to a traditional birthday cake with only 46 calories per cup of cubed! And who doesn’t like watermelon?

2. It’s fast and easy and comes together in less than 20 minutes.

3. You can add all kinds of fruit, garnish, herbs, flowers, and whipped cream or yogurt to the cake to dress it up! Let your imagination run wild. Or keep it simple and let the watermelon speak for itself!

4. Your kids can help decorate and will love adding fruit to skewers or toothpicks to help decorate.

5. Watermelons are gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut and allergy-free keto and vegan friendly and have no hidden ingredients.

6. You can cut and serve it like a piece of cake and can even add candles.

7. Watermelons are available year-round in most places.

8. NO OVEN NEEDED, especially on those hot summer days!! And it’s hydrating.

9. Cut your watermelon into any shape and spice up your design using cookie cutters.

10. It’s sweet like cake, beautiful and aesthetic, and you can stack layers upon layers making the cake look grand.

11. You can place your watermelon cake on a fantastic wood board, platter or pedestal to really show it off. Here is a link to my favorite cutting boards for all my charcuterie needs.

FULL INSTRUCTIONS. Give it a try, and post your pictures to Instagram! Make sure to tag me at @the_platter_girl! I would love to see what you created.

If you're like me and can't get enough melon-inspiration check out some of my favorite watermelon cakes from some of my fellow IG foodies below! Visit @pretty_party_platters, @saltyandboard and @watermelon.sugarcakes on Instagram to see their amazing cakes. Shout out to these amazing gals for their inspiring and divine creations!

YOU all mean the world to me and enable me to live my passion! I appreciate that you are ALL a part of my community! Your engagement and support means SO much to me! Thanks for making my 41st birthday the best!!



P.S. Did you know I have a book coming out next Fall? It’s going to be awesome and you don’t want to miss it! If you enjoyed this watermelon cake then you will definitely enjoy my Mostly Plant Based Platters & Boards Coming in Fall 2023!


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