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  Taking "pics" is just the beginning  

Welcome to Platter Girl, where it's all about bringing a touch of FUN to your brand with my range of photography services.


From eye-catching product stop-motion ads to trendy short-form videos on Instagram and TikTok, I am here to make your brand shine - both from my home kitchen or at my brand-spanking new Photography Studio in Portland, Oregon.


Dive into the world of flavorful recipe development and let my lens capture the essence of your offerings through tasteful food and product photography. Join me in creating a stylish brand presence that effortlessly connects with your audience.



Product Photography

Each image meticulously crafted to showcase your offerings in their best light.  Capture the essence of your brand and enthrall your audience, turning casual browsers into devoted customers. Make every product pop, make every click count.



Where individuality meets impact. Your personal or brand story deserves to be told with authenticity and style. I specialize in capturing the essence of your unique identity, ensuring your headshots radiate confidence and professionalism. Let your image speak volumes with the power of a legit headshot.


Brand Work

Your brand deserves to be a visual masterpiece. Our branding and styling services go beyond the surface, delving into the essence of your brand identity. From concept to execution, we elevate your brand's aesthetic with a touch of femininity, sophistication, and timeless allure.

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Most people know me from my time as a social media influencer on Instagram but want to know something funny? I started Platter Girl when I was almost 40! Before I started my own business, I supported Executive Leadership at one of the biggest SHOPPING platforms we all know and love. My experience taught me a ton about marketing, branding, business administration, planning & strategy.


Did someone call

Social Services


Drool-worthy visuals

We would not be who we are without our ability to capture fun, engaging, and downright gorgeous photos and videos. It is literally what I dooooo, darling! Running a business is hard, and now we all have to be photographers? No. I can do that for you and train you to create simple visual aids and content for your business on your own too!


Keeping it consistent

I know how hard it can be to post on social media daily. Heck, most of you can barely post a few times a week with your hectic lives and thriving businesses. This is where I can come in to be your creative resource who keeps your socials ON TRACK! I will make sure we get you on a consistent posting schedule that works for your busy life and biz!


Jaw-dropping Headshots

Your customers want to see YOU! Yes, you business owner. I am talking about a comfortable, low-key, and FUN headshot session with me or my personal photographer Emily Zamora with Simply Wandering Photography to create the perfectly branded shoot just for you, my friend. 


Advanced style

Technology and social media go hand in hand. It is TRULY hard to stay on top of all the video trends, styles, audios, and dance moves - am I right? I absolutely LOVE technology and have been using social media since it's existence. I know how to use the platforms that confuse you and can be your right-hand gal for navigating and staying on top of it all with style.


Portraits & headshots

products & Brands


Let's get /

content creation
Reels + Tiktoks
Instagram audits
products & restaurant reviews


Let's find out what a strategic+ personalized social media plan and content schedule can do for your brand and online presence. We absolutely can't wait to meet you!

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Let's get /

content creation
Reels + Tiktoks
Instagram audits
products & restaurant reviews

Lea has done the embarrassing part FOR YOU!

And it's really not that bad out there. If you want to show off your fun personality, comedy sketches, or other artistic/creative abilities & ideas but are afraid to step out - let us help you! We will guide you through all the
cringiest parts of creating content and get you straight to creating content that you can be proud of.

gorgeous cheese board
Cheese Board Durant Olive Oil

  Over the past four years, I've had the pleasure of working with many small, local business and a ton of incredible big names in the food industry and I can't wait to work with you too! 

I take great pride and satisfaction in being a part of your marketing team and coming up with authentic ideas to not only wow and engage my community but also provide you with high-quality content that you can use for YEARS TO COME.  

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