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Hello! Hello!

Nice to meet you! I'm Lea (Lee-uh) and I am a photographer, recipe developer, author, former Amazonian, and mama to three silly gooses! Oh and did I mention grazing helped me lose over 100 lbs?

Platter Girl is where you will find the best party food ideas on the web! From simple appetizers to grazing tables to stunning salads and healthy, mostly plant-based options for charcuterie boards, there is something delicious for everyone here at Platter Girl! 



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Would you have guessed?


I've lived in 4 states - California, Washington, Arkansas, and Oregon but consider myself to be a Pacific Northwesterner for life!


My favorite food to go out for is sushi but I love to stay in for tacos or anything baked brie!


I've lost 115 lbs over the last 3.5 years. Ask me about how I use intuitive eating to help me reach my goals!


Beach > Mountains. Just gonna leave that there. 

Lea Dixon

Truth or Dare?

I have always loved food and cooking but I wasn't able to make it my career until 2020 when I discovered how social media was a way for home cooks to share their love for food art with people around the world and likely make a living doing it! Why not dabble a bit?


While I love to serve my family and friends, sharing pretty pictures with Instagram seemed like a unique way to reach larger groups of people than I would have in person (plus I was way too shy to even leave my house much at that point) and a fun way to meet new friends and share what I was learning about charcuterie board building along the way.

Platter Girl

What I found on social media was an incredibly supportive, loving, and FUN group of foodie peeps who loved doing exactly what I do and wanted to meet people just like me too! They were my encouragement during the pandemic and brought me so much joy seeing everyone create whatever their heart set them out to create that day. The past few years of Platter Girl have been off the charts amazing and a true blessing! I love how each charcuterista has their own style that truly shows in their boards and have the drive just like me to be better with every board that comes across their table. 

Lea Dixon

I hope you will find inspiration, something NEW + interesting, and something you want to share with YOUR PEOPLE here at Platter Girl!


Thank you for being here and for being such a huge part of my story! 


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