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We are a boutique  creative studio  designed with your  COOL BRAND  in mind!

where creativity blossoms and innovation dances with imagination

dance on in to our studio

delightfully animated

delightfully animated

We are delightfully animated and believe in creating delightful experiences! We truly strive to bring the party to our clients! 


We curate creative marketing & branding solutions. Our passion is creating fun, high-quality animated content like stop motion videos (which are hugely popular), time-lapses, short-form like Reels & Tiktoks plus we absolutely love curating dreamy branding/styled shoots, headshots just for you in our gorgeous daylight studio in Portland, Oregon. 

We absolutely love being your go-to resource for your creative.

   It's what we live for, darling!   

We create appealing eye-catching video content to help you attract and convert customers. 

Lea Dixon

stop motion animation

stop motion animation

stop motion animation

 fully-branded ANIMATED content creation just for you 

how can we serve you, friend?

 We're not just a boutique creative studio; we're a collective of passionate creators dedicated to bringing a touch of enchantment to your brand. Our team, driven by a BOLD, feminine flair, is here to turn your ideas into visually stunning masterpieces. From animated stop-motion videos to dynamic Reels or other short-form videos, we thrive on crafting content that not only captivates but also celebrates the beauty in every detail.

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 We strive to bring the party  TO our clients! 

At this moment, the industry is a canvas of infinite possibilities, where creativity knows no bounds. Animated videos have evolved into a sophisticated form of expression that transcends conventional marketing. It's a world where every frame is an opportunity to weave a narrative, and every movement is a dance that captivates the audience's heart.

where dreams unfold in frames and

creativity knows no bounds

creativity knows no bounds

Every frame is an opportunity to weave a narrative


Reel Life Creative Studio, founded by Lea and Ryan Dixon, a dynamic duo blending artistry and engineering, we're on a mission to transform the way stories are told. Join us on this whimsical adventure, where every project is a symphony of creativity, and every collaboration is an opportunity to dance with the extraordinary.

Our Studio

333 NE Hancock Street

Portland, OR 97212


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