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CHARCUTERIE // Grazing Table Styles & How to Spot the Differences + BONUS Instacart Shopping Lists

While I definitely enjoy making pretty charcuterie boards, my ultimate FAVORITE thing to do is create a show-stopping GRAZING TABLE! And over the past three years, I've had the incredible opportunity of making quite a few of them! Grazing tables are not a one size fits all type of catered food but supremely versatile, filling, and FUN. You can easily swap out the traditional ingredients used in everyday charcuterie boards and make tables to suit just about any crowd. Think Brunch Table, BBQ table, only Cheese and Sweets, with pedestals, crazy long runners, and just about any theme you can think of! They are amazing for feeding large crowds when you aren't looking for a sit-down, plated meal. Charcuterie is meant to be snacky so it is perfect for happy hours, open houses, cocktail parties and more!

While you may typically see a grazing table at a wedding or other large event, they are actually TOTALLY PERFECT for grazing at home. You may have seen me spread out a large piece of parchment paper on a smaller table surface or kitchen island perhaps. This is where grazing can really be fun and DIY! You can EASILY make a grazing table at home with just a few key supplies and of course the best ingredients and a plan! What can go wrong?

Here are a few examples of the different grazing styles out there and how to spot the differences between them -->

(+ make sure you keep scrolling for the Instacart Shopping Lists!!)


"Flat Lay" is exactly as it sounds - the charcuterie ingredients are laid down flat directly on the table with minimal trays, boards, or height to the décor. I typically use a piece of coated butcher paper I buy on Amazon to protect my tabletop surface before placing my ingredients down. These tables are perfect for serving smaller crowds with plenty of surface area for guests to gather around for ultimate snacking.

No matter what anyone says, flat lay is my personal favorite of all-time and allows me to style an incredibly creative and detailed graze. I LOVE to also achieve the perfect flat lay photo to go along with my gorgeous grazing table.


Grazing with platters hoisted up on pedestals or other blocks, boxes, crates etc is an awesome way to create some amazing height and add drama to a graze! It also allows for maximum grazing surface area when you use gorgeous pedestals and trays that allow you to decorate on top and below. I love the look of crates and wood boards on top of crates to create a super pretty rustic grazing aesthetic.


The shapes that one could come up with to graze on are endless! And that's honestly how I'd like to keep things. When you find the perfect spot for a graze you just know and YOU KNOW it's gonna be epic!

(round glass table)


(superrrr long!)

5. THEMED GRAZES (Celebrating everything in the in-between)

(City of Tigard graze)

(Kids & Parents Snacks)


I'm telling you I have come up with the fastest way I can think of for you to start grazing at home instantly with my 10-person, 25-person, and 50-person Grazing Table Grocery Shopping Lists from Instacart! Shop my lists to get your charcuterie ingredients dropped off on your doorstep TODAY!

What a relief, right? You could be grazing in no time.. and you are still just sitting there!!!! :) hehe so here are the lists I thought would benefit you the most - these ingredients will feed groups of 10, 25 or up to 50 for delicious charcuterie snacks. Feel free to mix and match other items you prefer, these are really to give you an idea for the amount of food and cost it will take to create an awesome table for your event. Add in themed or festive decor, flowers, signage and other treats to make your tables truly unique.

Ultimate Grazing Board Grocery List for 10 guests --> HERE

Grazing Table Grocery Shopping List for 25 guests --> HERE

Grazing Table Grocery Shopping List for 50 guests --> HERE

Let me know if these are helpful to you and what other kinds of shopping lists you'd love to see from Platter Girl!




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