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 Bringing your BRAND  
to life with MOTION 

We envision a world where brands are not just recognized but celebrated with a feminine flourish.


Our vision is to be at the forefront of innovation in the realm of digital marketing and branding, pushing our creative boundaries with ferocity each and every day.


 We aspire to become the go-to creative studio for businesses seeking to make a bold and FUN impact. We aim to redefine the way brands with a touch of femininity connect with their audience, creating lasting impressions that resonate with beauty, sophistication, and FUN!


Crescent Cane

At Reel Life Creative Studio, we bring expertise, creativity, and a touch of superpower to the table, ensuring your brand not only stands out but also weaves a narrative that resonates perfectly with your audience.

Our mission is to make you happy!

We love to get our creative process started with a consultation call where we will want to know everryyything we can about your brand and vision. Then it's time for us to get busy working for YOU! We will compile a creative proposal for you to approve then decide on a shot list so we maximize your engagement potential on the ads we create. Then it is my favorite day of the week - shooting day! This is where my team will head into the studio to do some playing! We get super creative with your products to ensure your brand vision truly comes to life.


We consume with our eyes first
We specialize in transforming ideas into captivating visuals. Immerse your audience in the charm of stop-motion animation, spark engagement with dynamic reels and TikToks, and make a lasting impact through our expertise in short-form video. 

peanut butter swirl
Best of Feta
Bloody Mary Dip


brands + products + personal

Content Creation

personal brand + business

Brand Development

identity + strategy +socials

A great social media presence starts with GREAT content!

Connect with your audience in a delightful way! Let's get to the root of your brand needs whether that be content creation, brand identity, or social media strategy - I am here to help you absolutely nail your next post!

 Creative // Offerings 


I have been creating content for Platter Girl for 4 years now and grown my socials to over 200K followers in that time. I've been on multiple TV shows, podcasts, and even wrote + photographed two cookbooks (we can talk about that later). But now I want to help you absolutely transform your social media and give you a little confidence boost too! Your brand truly deserves that best - let's partner and create the content you have been dreaming of.

Camera on a tripod
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