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Candy Grazing Boards to Fall in Love With

Do you have a sweet tooth? ‘Tis the season to overindulge on candy and desserts! Halloween is this month, and the Holiday season is over the next three months. And we all know what that means: food, family, and fun. So, I am sharing some of the top ways I create drool-worthy candy platter boards.

A grazing board in and of itself is edible eye candy! A candy grazing board elevates that grazing board. It will make everyone’s eyes pop when they see all the yummy sugary goodness they are about to munch on.

I love how the candy, desserts, and sweet treats add in so many extra colors, shapes, and textures to please the senses. These boards make a statement, and the variety of candy and dessert options will make everyone happy. The ideas are endless with the wide range of sweets and other treats. Don’t forget nature’s candy fruit and honey. They both pair well with cheese!

These boards are perfect for your next family gathering, girls’ night, holiday party, at-home movie night, and birthday party this season. Candy platter boards can also apply to any holiday festivity throughout the year. All you have to do is pick a theme!

Candy grazing boards and lovely words from my fav Instagram influencers!

ice.cheeseboards Ohhhh she dropped a Halloween themed board!!!🔥🔥🔥

This is a guitar flipped over and turned into a board to make Señor Skeleton. Here are the ingredients: marshmallows, spicy mango gummies, gummy eyeballs, gummy worms, and veggie ghost and bat chips. Choose desserts and treats with holiday themes and use the other ingredients to create a masterpiece! This is so pumpkin’ cute!

This Halloween grazing platter includes Skull gummies, Pumpkin gummies, and Spider gummies as a garnish. They are scattered on top of all the other fantastic charcuterie ingredients. Adding as many varying elements makes the board jaw-dropping and appealing to a whole crowd.

graze_ing goals 🔥

These two candy-adorned grazing boards were delivered to the local fire and police departments last year. The candy on these two boards includes Hershey’s bars, dove chocolate, lollipops, Oreos, and M&M’s. Seeing the candies added to the board is a sweet surprise when meats and cheeses are the main show.

petalandplatter Stunning presentation!!

We don’t need to limit our charcuterie to boards! Let’s think outside the box or, in this case, in the box! This is a candy grazing box with Chocolate-covered pretzels, candy-wrapped Snickers, chocolate-dipped cookies, and Gummy rings. This would make a perfect party hostess gift! Hint Hint!

janets_charcuterie Oh wow 😍 what a beauty 👏🔥

There is a gourd on this fall candy grazing board. You can check out my blog post last week, where I wrote about the versatility of gourds. The sweet treats included on this board are chocolate-covered pretzels, dried fruit, frosted cookies, and Tony’s Chocolate candy bar.

theboardhousewifepdx Your color pallet on this one is 👏

This grazing board features all sweets, candies, and cookies. I bought some of my family’s favorite gummies at Nordstrom, Homegoods, and TraderJoes. The ingredients I used on this board include: Jujube Nougat, Champagne Dots, Lemon Sunshines, Vanilla Meringues, Mojito Gummies, Pineapple Bears, Gummy Ice Creams, and Tiny Gingerbread Cookies.

Eye candy! Here are some examples of other Holiday-inspired candy grazing boards that you can make around St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and the 4th of July. As you can see, there are multiple ways to include candy on your grazing boards. The ideas are limitless!

Above, I highlighted some beautiful words shared by other grazing board influencers. I appreciate these kind words and return my admiration to each of them.

If you need help putting together a grazing board, I have a tutorial on this click here! I am happy to teach you! Sign up for my email list and find me on Instagram!

I would love to know which Candy Grazing Board is your favorite! Comment below to let me know.

Sneak peek for next week. Calling all my fellow pumpkin spice fans! I will be making pumpkin spice-baked brie with candy pecans. My mouth is watering already.

Until we meet again, have a beautiful week!




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