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Vibrant Food Content You Need to Uplevel your Small Business

Photography + REELS + Fun Recipes


Content that sets your brand apart from the crowd & allows your products to shine

Does this sound like you?

Confused on utilizing social media platforms like Pinterest & Instagram

Too busy working your business to create high-quality content

Lack lighting, props, the cooking & editing skills or professional marketing tools

Unsure as to what's trending in the industry

You want a suite of gorgeous product photos & videos to use on demand

What's an influencer? :)


My Plant-Based Platter Book - Coming Fall 2023


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w e l c o m e

I'm Lea and I am stoked you are here.

If you are like me you thoroughly enjoy food in all its facets. From the market to the cooking process to the last bite to the dishes (OK maybe not that part) - It's ALL about the special moments that bring us joy and food styling really does that for me.


I just LOVE making food content and I find each meal grants me an opportunity to create something beautiful and share it with those around me. Playing with food in Oregon is serious business!


More about Me

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"Lea is someone I easily connected with in the charcuterie community and admire and appreciate so much. She is open to sharing her tips and tricks and continues to be an inspiration to me as I find my stride and style in this business."
               - Catie @GatherAndGrazeByCatie

"I love Lea! She has welcomed me with open arms from the very beginning. She helped me so much with mindset and believing how capable we are at achieving our goals and dreams. So grateful for having met through our businesses. We have grown to be such close friends but have never met in person. You can expect all the delicious and beautiful charcuterie platters from her creation!
               - Sophia @TheGrazeAnatomy