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Raise your hand if Reels or Tiktoks are at the top of your business marketing plan this year.
Ah yes, every hand raised. Whether you like it or not, social media VIDEO content is absolutely king - plus a significant way to build a fun business. 

DANCE on in to my new studio space the REEL LIFE CREATIVE STUDIO in NE Portland where I will meet with you personally to a
bsolutely NAIL your next post. We will work closely to plan, practice, then time to PERFORM!

Let's get /

content creation
Reels + Tiktoks
Instagram audits
products & restaurant reviews

Lea has done the embarrassing part FOR YOU!

And it's really not that bad out there. If you want to show off your fun personality, comedy sketches, or other artistic/creative abilities & ideas but are afraid to step out - let us help you! We will guide you through all the
cringiest parts of creating content and get you straight to creating content that you can be proud of.

We are offering:

Shooting Content for Social Media is SO. MUCH. FUN.


IF you don't, don't worry! Most people have no clue how to create content or how to navigate the platforms BTS, video formatting and editing, or simply don't have the lighting and tools to truly create the content they want to or NEED TO when it comes to their business. So don't feel bad. Dance on in to my studio in NE Portland for one of our Reels Studio Pop Up Days and let us help you shoot a whole batch of videos with transitions you can use on your socials RIGHT AWAY. 

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