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Welcome to The Platter Girl Blog + Big News!

First of all, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. With your support and encouragement over the past year and a half, The Platter Girl has grown from a teensy little dream of mine into a ridiculous reality. The summer here in Oregon was an absolute BLAST and I made my own personal record number of grazing tables! I also got to pair up with some amazing local women-owned businesses, got a business coach to help me scale this beast I started here, and somehow managed to sneak in some really solid family time. BUT to be honest, I have been holding back a couple of REALLY BIG SECRETS and it's killing me to keep them in for any longer!

I guess this is like ripping off a bandaid so I will just go ahead and spill...

1. I don't want to make platters anymore!

2. I was asked to author and photograph a charcuterie cookbook that will be published Fall 2023!

3. I'm a casting finalist for a new TV show!

Hello? You still with me?

Ok, so I know I just dropped a lot on you there. Feel free to take a minute to collect yourself and circle back when you're ready!

Maybe I should clarify.

One - I don't JUST want to make platters anymore. I want to bring you all sorts of AMAZING recipes and HOME ideas! I have been cooking for over 20 years, and while I adore charcuterie I have plenty of other yummy recipe ideas to share with you.

So I am starting The Platter Girl Blog and I will bring you delicious and fun recipes that bring joy to my heart and home plus tie in some plant-based options as well.

Oh! And you were wondering about the other stuff? HA!

Very exciting things happening over here ya'll! And I can't wait to share as I navigate this journey into becoming a published author and hopefully winner of a new fun grazing show!! I promise to keep you updated on ALL the behind the scenes as best I can!

Well, this fall is looking like it might be my best season yet! I know I say that every year but it's true .... :)

Anyways, stay in touch and I hope to be chatting with you all soon!



"The Platter Girl"

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I'm the recipe developer & photographer behind Platter Girl. I am also a mama of three, wife, and cookbook author who LOVES partaking in the best foodie places Oregon has to offer! You might have noticed my name is Platter Girl, and you guessed it, I LOVE big PLATTERS! While not every recipe is served on a tray, they are all delicious and great for sharing with your crew! 



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