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Welcome to The Platter Girl Blog + Big News!

First of all, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. With your support and encouragement over the past year and a half, The Platter Girl has grown from a teensy little dream of mine into a ridiculous reality. The summer here in Oregon was an absolute BLAST and I made my own personal record number of grazing tables! I also got to pair up with some amazing local women-owned businesses, got a business coach to help me scale this beast I started here, and somehow managed to sneak in some really solid family time. BUT to be honest, I have been holding back a couple of REALLY BIG SECRETS and it's killing me to keep them in for any longer!

I guess this is like ripping off a bandaid so I will just go ahead and spill...

1. I don't want to make platters anymore!

2. I was asked to author and photograph a charcuterie cookbook that will be published Fall 2023!

3. I'm a casting finalist for a new TV show!

Hello? You still with me?

Ok, so I know I just dropped a lot on you there. Feel free to take a minute to collect yourself and circle back when you're ready!

Maybe I should clarify.

One - I don't JUST want to make platters anymore. I want to bring you all sorts of AMAZING recipes and HOME ideas! I have been cooking for over 20 years, and while I adore charcuterie I have plenty of other yummy recipe ideas to share with you.

So I am starting The Platter Girl Blog and I will bring you delicious and fun recipes that bring joy to my heart and home plus tie in some plant-based options as well.

Oh! And you were wondering about the other stuff? HA!

Very exciting things happening over here ya'll! And I can't wait to share as I navigate this journey into becoming a published author and hopefully winner of a new fun grazing show!! I promise to keep you updated on ALL the behind the scenes as best I can!

Well, this fall is looking like it might be my best season yet! I know I say that every year but it's true .... :)

Anyways, stay in touch and I hope to be chatting with you all soon!



"The Platter Girl"


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As much as I love to share my recipes for FREE I do have a biz to run - I know, CRAZY, right? So I am asking for a small $5/month donation to help support Platter Girl and keep the recipes flowing! 


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