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Teacher's Appreciation - Foodie Style

Surprise blog post! Have you heard or seen the fantastic news on my Instagram or Pinterest? If you haven’t, I will tell you all about it, and I have links for you to check out below! And if you have, stick around anyway because I will share all the yummy goodness!

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and Pinterest teamed up to honor teachers and educators the first week of October. Their mission is to show support and appreciation for teachers across the country. They aim to provide positive and uplifting content teachers, and students can use throughout the year. To read the full details, click here.

How do I fit in? I am so glad you asked!

I am thrilled to tell you that Pinterest TV chose and featured two Pinterest creators, yours truly, The Platter Girl and Andi Eaton. We both hosted a one-hour-long segment during Dr. Jill Biden’s ten-hour live stream. I made a teacher appreciation grazing platter and Andi Eaton hosted a live meditation. I am honored and grateful that Pinterest TV chose me to share my passion!

Teacher-Inspired Recipes!

For the first teacher appreciation recipe that I included on my grazing board, I made Mini Cheese “Apples.” These were inspired by @ashleynaum of @anchorandfade. She truly is a creative genius and a queen for sharing this adorable idea!

These cute mini apples are made with the creamiest cheeses, which include Cream Cheese, Honey Goat Cheese, and Unexpected Cheddar. Combining these three kinds of cheeses with rosemary honey creates a uniquely delectable flavor.

Side note: do you know what unexpected cheddar is? It is a crumbly cheddar with a surprise! That surprise is a hint of parmesan that gives it a saltier and nuttier flavor. You can find Unexpected Cheddar at Trader Joe’s.

The cheese is then rolled into little balls and next into a mixture of Portland Salt Co Toasted Sugar and paprika to make that irresistible red apple color. The final touch brings it together with a mint sprig on top, creating the perfect teacher-approved apple treat! For the full recipe and a quick video tutorial, check out my Instagram.

Up Next! Cheese Pencils

Did someone say cheese Kabobs? Every student and teacher needs a #2 pencil! Here is a creative cheese pencil recipe for this teacher grazing platter.

This is a super fun and easy-to-make snack recipe.

I use two kinds of cheeses, Field Roast plant-based pepperoni and a currant berry for the tip of the pencil. The cheeses I used are cheddar and white cheddar. Then, add them to the skewer, starting with the pepperoni and then topping it off with a currant. Ta-da!

Next! Cheese Books

Look at these cute little cheese books! Simple and delicious! Did you know reading books can help reduce stress, make us happier, and can help us sleep better? I am pretty sure cheese does all those things too! Yay, for cheese and books and books made of cheese.

I had some leftover cheese and decided that these little books were the way to go. The cheeses I used are cheddar and white cheddar. I used Naturacentric Honey to secure both sides of the book to the cheese blocks. Naturacentric is a holistic, eco-friendly, and hand-crafted apothecary based in California! Their honey is delicious! And these books make a perfect addition to the platter board.

Assembling the Grazing Board

The last step to the teacher grazing platter is assembling all the ingredients. Do you want to see me put the board together? You can watch my tutorial on Pinterest TV. This platter is a vegetarian charcuterie board.

My guaranteed method for assembling the board is to first find the perfect board! I used a whiteboard to stick with the teacher’s theme and covered it with freezer parchment paper.

Next, I added the cheese! The many kinds include Plain Goat Cheese, Honey Goat Cheese, Dill Havarti, Manchego, Smoked Cheddar, White Cheddar, and Medium Cheddar. You will also add the mini cheese apples, cheese pencils, and cheese books to the board at this time.

After that, I added the crackers. I used the Good and Gathered brand and bought the Cheddar, Red Pepper Artisanal Crisps, and Everything Flatbread.

Next, I added fruits and veggies. I used cucumbers, pomegranates, peaches, and dried berries on this platter. I left the pomegranate whole and cut up the cucumbers and peaches.

After that, I added nuts, cookies, and all the yummy goodness. The nuts included Nichols Pistachios, Candy Corn Crunch, shortbread, and chocolate chip cookies.

I loved the way this vegetarian teacher-inspired grazing board turned out!

Will you try out any of the smaller DIY recipes? Do you know any teachers who would be thrilled to receive this appreciation grazing board as a teacher gift idea or for a teacher luncheon? Comment below. I would love to hear what part is your favorite.

I want to thank all the teachers! I appreciate all that you do! I see you doing excellent work!

I hope you have a superb week!




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