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GIFT GUIDES 2023 // My Ultimate List of Gifts for Every Charcuterie Fan this V-day

16 pretty sweet gift ideas for the food lovers in your life...


Valentines Day Foodie Gift Guide 2023
Download PDF • 5.91MB

Do you need gift ideas for family and friends for Valentine's Day? I have recommendations for all of them!

These gift ideas can be used for host or hostess gifts, client gifts, and anyone you think deserves something special. I think we can all think of a few people in our life who deserve something a little cheesy, right? Here are some fun and functional gift ideas for your kitchen, home decor, and charcuterie of course!

It's so exciting to give and receive presents. I just love thinking of unique gifts that would WOW the person receiving the gift. If I didn't already have these items, I would ask for them as gifts for ME!

I am happy to share with you all my favorite items I use daily, weekly, and all year long. Many of these platter gift ideas are items my followers are already familiar with, as I use them in my reels and stories on Instagram.

1. Naturacentric Apothecary

If you have followed me for even a week on Instagram, I am sure you have seen a delicious looking glaze drizzled on at least one of my cheesy recipes. This glaze is honey from Naturacentric. I love THIS honey, and I know you will too. Now is the time to try it with my discount code LEA10 for 10% off!

Naturacentric sells herbal-infused mini honeys for $5.00 each and she has 18 different flavors! You will have endless options to use them. A great introduction into the world of cheese & honey would be to choose 4-5 different flavors of the minis and gift them as a set or buy them for yourself as a sweet mama self-care treat. Natalie also has various other products, including teas, elixirs, bath items, and sprays to choose from! Plus she's a cool chick and we love supporting her biz!


2. Kelly's Jelly

Here is another product that is featured all the time on my Instagram. Kelly's Jelly is so delicious. Do you want to taste the flavors of Oregon? I love Kelly's Oregon Gift Pack for $29.85. It's a pack of 3 jelly's Strawberry, Marionberry, and Habanero Peppers.

Before you think, I can pick up jelly at the store. This Jelly is unique. They use peppers in their Jelly, and the flavor is delicious. You will want to spread this Jelly on all foods. It's that good. I promise you won't want to go back to the store-bought brands. Remember to check out their other products. They have a "Just Add Cheese" gift box that looks great. To get 15% use discount code PLATTERGIRL

3. Portland Salt Co.

If you cook at home, these are the salts for you. Portland Salt Co. has helped me to elevate my food to a superior level. I use one of their salts in most of my recipes. They are delicious and come in 4 flavors. This is what they do! These salts are incredible. I recommend getting one of the gift packs for the chef in your family. They range from $9.50 - $32.

4. Cheese Knife Set

I love cheese. All kinds. When you are passionate about something, it is so essential to buy the right tools for it. Here is my favorite Cheese Knife Set of 3 for $29.99. Of course, you can use a regular knife if you want to be frustrated. Get these knives if you want to save time and quickly help yourself to cheese.

One of the top reviews on Amazon for this product says, "Wife loves them for Charcuterie," enough said.

5. Ramekin 8 oz Dishes by Brew to A Tea

Ramekin small dishes are so versatile. I use several different sets of ramekins. You can use them for all kinds of foods: nuts, sauces, dips, cheese, creme brulee, pudding, olives, and salsa. They are sturdy, cute, and perfect for adding to your charcuterie or platter boards. These dishes are 8 for 29.99. Wow, that is such a deal.

6. Oven to Table Stoneware Baking Dish

I always use this dish for roasting veggies and heating up cheeses in the oven. Its neutral color is so versatile and can be used all year long. The dish can be removed from the metal rack for oven use and then placed back for serving. This serving dish is a super reasonable price at $34.99.

7. Bamboo Oregon State Shaped Serving and Cutting Board

If you have seen my social media, you know my family and I live in Oregon. We love it here. I haven't always lived here, but Oregon is my home. The nice thing about this board is you can hang it up as art and see Oregon history etched in the Bamboo. When you are ready to use it, pull it down, turn it over and use it as a cutting board or a serving board for your favorite meats, cheeses, and crackers. Click on the link and visit their amazon store to find the state you live in. These cutting boards are only $29.99 too so you know mama like that!

8. Tavolo Studios Grazing Boards

These gorgeous sleek boards are my favorite "Cheese-Boarding" discovery of 2022 hands down! Esterina knocked it out of the park with this cool and seemingly simple design that is the PERFECT foundation for serving charcuterie (in my less than humble opinion).

Esterina, a fellow mom and West Coaster makes each board from 100% walnut. She is so talented, and the craftsWOMANship she puts into each piece really shines through. My absolute favorite Board she offers is the Walnut Grazing Board; it comes in two sizes. I have 2 of the larger 16" x 24" and 3 of the 12" x 24" sizes that I use for GRAZING TABLES when I really wanna make a statement! You can even order them with an engraving for a super thoughtful gift.

9. Backwood Designs Black Walnut and Epoxy Ocean Board

The ocean is my happy place and Lindsay's designs have me feeling like I'm on the beach in the hot sun with my feet in the sand....waves crashing.. birdsss ok I'll stop now...

The Epoxy Ocean design is so beautiful you can hang these beauties up as artwork. These boards can be used for generations because they are made so well. I recommend really highlighting the design when using for charcuterie by only placing your ingredients along the wood part ALTHOUGH Lindsay did tell me that the epoxy is very durable and is great for serving food on it as well so don't feel like you can't go big and pack this gorgeous board to the edges! Look for more with this board on my Instagram in the new year!

10. Kids Charcuterie Set

Do you have little ones who love helping you in the kitchen? I have 3 kids that love to help. I do not have this kid's charcuterie set. However, when I saw it, I thought, "How cute?!" I know my kids would love it, and I wanted to recommend it to you for a kid who loves charcuterie.

11. Platter Girl Luxury Grazing Guide

Do you want to become a Platter Girl like me? Here is your opportunity to SUBSCRIBE to my Instagram page and receive my 10-page Luxury Grazing Guide and 8 cheeseboard recipes/shopping lists for $4.99. One of the guides includes my how-to on creating a GRAZING TABLE for up to 50 people! While there is no obligation to stay subscribed month to month, I do offer exclusive content, behind the scenes and ability to chat with me directly as part of my subscription PLUS you will be helping supporting me in what I do and help me continue to share what I love.

12. Arkon Phone Mount

Without my absolute favorite iPhone mount from Arkon, I could not do what I do. It's the phone stand I use to take my photos, make reels and document all things Platter Girl on my phone. It's perfect for getting the best lighting and swivels to get each picture and video just right. I love this mount so much, and I thought you might love it too. To get 20% off, use coupon code PLATTERGIRL.

13. Tropical Fruit Box

Do you love seeing bright and colorful delicious fruit spread across your plate? I do too. Tropical Fruit Box has some AMAZING tropical and exotic fruit you CANNOT find at your local grocery store. YOU have got to try their pink Pineapple. It is the most exquisite fruit you will ever taste. They also have large avocados, yellow and pink dragon fruit and mini bananas (which taste like creamy apples). My mouth is watering.

Tropical Fruit Box company is the BEST. They are a small women-owned business selling tropical and exotic fruit. AND I have a code for you. Make someone's DAY with a box of fresh, delicious fruit.

14. Platter Girl Gear

I did a thing! I have my own Platter Girl brand of clothing, mugs, cards, stickers, hand towels etc. You have to see it. I am super proud of the cuteness factor and super excited!

Check out my website for all of the cheesy Platter Girl gear.

15. EarlyWood

Having nice and beautiful wood kitchenware is essential. It makes the process of cooking, preparing and displaying an enjoyable experience. I recently received these sturdy gorgeous wood utensils, and they are perfect. Earlywood is a family-owned business from Montana. Their bowls, serving and cooking ware would make an ideal gift for someone special. Their website is full of helpful information.

16. Gardenuity

Gardenuity helps you to bring plants to your home and workspace. Bringing plants into my space is so calming and good for my soul. I highly recommend Gardenuity for a lovely countertop garden. They customize your order and assist you in making sure that you have a successful growing experience.

If you need more recommendations, I have got you covered, check out my Amazon shop!




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