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Under the Sea Adventures: A Mermaid-Themed Birthday Party

It was a splash-tastic birthday filled with decorations, delicious treats, and many fun activities. Here is a breakdown of our mermaid-themed celebration!

Are you ready to dive into an unforgettable birthday celebration? This year, I made my birthday extra special by combining it with my two daughters' birthdays for an epic under-the-sea and mermaid-themed party. They turned 4 and 6.

It was a splash-tastic birthday filled with decorations, delicious treats, and many fun activities. Here is a breakdown of our mermaid-themed celebration!

Blue, green and purple ocean decorations made our house an underwater paradise. We made a big splash on a budget by finding a bunch of dollar store decorations. The blue, green and purple streamers and banners are cheap and add that extra touch of fun. I also found this underwater banner with dolphins, fish, and seashells to hang up as the backdrop to the food display. I filled our living room with balloons, and the kids loved running around and kicking the balloons into the air. It was wild and full of fun. These vibrant decorations were perfect for the under-the-water-themed party.

As the Platter Girl, you know my food will be over the top. Pinterest has some fantastic under-the-sea food inspiration ideas. We served banana dolphins with pearl candies in the mouth, coral Cheetos and veggie straws, watermelon shark fins, goldfish crackers and fish and octopus candies. However, the star of the food display was the Mermaid/Under the sea juice – a refreshing blend of tropical blue Hawaiian fruit punch, pineapple juice, and Sprite. It was a deep blue color. It was an instant hit, and the kids couldn't resist coming back for more! They drank it 'til the very last drop. I would make this again because it also tastes delicious.

We got a jumpy house delivered from Find Whimsy Bounce Co. to entertain all the kids. They loved it, and my girls jumped until bedtime. It was a great success, and bouncy houses are fun for all ages. It kept them active and happy for the birthday party as kids would jump and run inside for snacks, which repeated all afternoon. The bouncy house was the perfect addition to the party.

Our party was a visual delight thanks to Blown PDX Balloons. They created an enchanting balloon arch in shades of blue, purple, turquoise, and orange. They also included balloon mermaids, stars, and sea horses. It was so cool and colorful and a great way to add decorations to the party. I would highly recommend their balloon arches for your next party.

Desserts were a sweet treat to our underwater feast. We indulged in watermelon-shaped cookies, mini pink donuts, and a delightful strawberry cake adorned with sugar-made mermaid tails and seashells. Each bite was so good, and the kids couldn't get enough. My girls loved their cake.

You know I can't throw a party without a grazing board. I kept this one small; it had three kinds of cheese, two kinds of salami, sliced cucumbers and strawberries, jams, mustards, nuts and dried fruit. I also made some yummy steak sandwiches and baked brie with an octopus on top made from a bell pepper for the adults.

Our underwater adventure was a blast, and we made memories that will last a lifetime with our friends and family. I am so grateful to those that made it to the party. My girls felt so loved and had a great time. If you want to catch all the highlights, don't forget to visit my Instagram for videos of our unforgettable party!

I love it when you all stay connected with me. Sign up for my newsletter directly on my website, and explore my recipe page for mouthwatering recipe ideas - new recipes are available every week. Thank you for joining me on this under-the-sea adventure.




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