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Spooky Season Boards To Share: Guacamole witch & A Creepy Hand Made From Cheese & Prosciutto

You will love these Spooky Season Boards that come together pretty quickly! A Guacamole Witch + a Creepy Cheese & Prosciutto Hand - two FUN appetizers you can make this season. I LOVE Blue corn tortilla chips - they have that great corn flavor with a salty crunch that is perfect for fresh guac!

Find my favorite Guacamole Recipe that I use constantly HERE. You can use this recipe as a base and add any other seasonings you enjoy or spicy elements like jalapenos, scallions, or swap lemon for lime juice. Let me know what you think of my guac recipe after you make it and please SHARE with your friends to help support my page. I love hearing from you!

See my recipe for Tropical Guacamole below using one GINORMOUS Desbry Avocado... This lighter textured avocado is delicious and light, perfect for avo toasts, guac, and many many recipes. If you are looking for a heartier guacamole then you could use Hass avocadoes.

Now back to this ugly old witch. Hehe. I honestly don't even care for Halloween or spooky season but as an influencer in the food world who LOVES the FALL SEASON, I can definitely flex slighhhtttlyyy into a couple of fun boocuterie ideas!

This witch was really fun to create and definitely got me in the mood for making more fun creative boards. I love scouring Pinterest for ideas and I knew I wanted to make a guac witch for awhile now. The other versions I saw included using carrots for the hair but I didn't have any on-hand, and TOTALLY spaced on purchasing some when it came to the big day! So I used an orange bell pepper instead. Let me know what you think in the comments.

The little pretzel balls were super delish! I found those at my local Grocery Outlet in Hillsboro which always has amazing deals and I often discover products I wouldn't normally find. These pretzel balls are from Snyder's of Hanover which you can find on Amazon or in most grocery stores.

Now let's check out the Creepy Hand -->




This CREEPY CHEESE & PROSCIUTTO HAND is about as scary and gory as I get during this season! In fact, I ended up giving this creepy hand to my neighbor to take to work at Intel nearby. I hope they loved it!

Simply trim your string cheeses to the length of fingers, press goat cheese down onto your board as the hand and wrist + more sticks to make the arm. Drizzle with your hot honey then lay pieces of prosciutto on top and wrapped around the fingers. ALL YOU NEED • String cheese • Goat cheese • Prosciutto • Hot honey @oregongrowers Cherry Zinfandel fruit spread

Find the FULL TUTORIAL on my Instagram Reels so you know exactly what to do to make this cool hand. Let me know if you make it and what you think of this fun goat cheese & prosciutto hot honey hand!

Which appetizer will you be bringing to your Fall Parties???

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Love it!! Will post mine when I make it!! 🎃

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