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EASY APPS // 9 Easy & Delicious Appetizer Ideas

Every time I go to a restaurant, I want to spoil my dinner with the appetizers. It is who I am as a person, I really can't help it! Most of my friends love to share anyways so they don't mind when I ask to order a few for the table so we can each try everything! Isn't that the besttttt?

Here's my MAIN reason I love appetizers so much --> They are mini meals! You get to try a few different FLAVORFUL "meals" in a perfect bite size. Love!

Anywho, with Super Bowl coming up and lots of football parties happening I have put together a list of my favorite party snacks that you are going to love too! Try adding one or two (or all of them) to your upcoming tables for something a little different.

So here's my list of 9 awesome appetizers perfect for your game day parties and spring get togethers!

Let me know which one YOU LOVE the best and are gonna try -->

  1. Everything but the... Appetizer Party Board

  2. Tropical Avo Toasts with Tajin - Get your own GIANT Tropical Avocados HERE

  3. Papaya Party Board

  4. Smoked Salmon Party Board

  5. Hummus Platter

  6. Boursin Puff Pastry "Football" w/ Smoked Salmon

  7. Goat Cheese Stuffed Peppadew Peppers

  8. Pepper Jelly & Manchego on a Rosemary Cracker - get your pepper jelly HERE (Promo code PLATTERGIRL)

  9. Brie Spoons w/ Kelly's Strawberry Habanero spread & pecans

#1 - "Everything but the..." Party Appetizer Board

This board is absolutely packed with savory treats including avocado toasts, cheesy slider sandwiches, spicy jalapeno wonton cups, plus lots of fresh fruit and surprises to keep your guests snacking all party long!

A super simple but mighty bite consisting of a delicious warm crostini toast topped with mashed tropical avocado and tangy Tajin seasoning!

#3 - Papaya Party Board

This fun and fruity board has total tropical vibes written all over it! I love the color scheme so much.

#4 - Smoked Salmon Party Board

Feel free to make a salmon river and just ride on down to salmon town

#5 - Hummus Party Platter

Vegetarian delight is all I can think of when I see this fun hummus board with mini salad cups and lots of crunchy dippers.

#6 - Boursin Puff Pastry "football" w/ Smoked Salmon

You don't even need to be a fan of the game to get into this fun party appetizer. The flaky crust smothered in Boursin cheese is such a tasty bite and the salmon really gives it that smoky flavor I crave!

If you haven't tried a sweet piquante pepper you are in for a real treat! These mild but mighty peppers come from South Africa and have quite the reputation for being HARD TO FIND! I tracked these down in the deli section of my local Basics Market but you can keep an eye out for them in the jarred/pickled section. These sweet peppers are the perfect vessel for this whipped hot honey cheese that gets piped into the middle for an adorable appetizer.

#8 - Pepper Jelly & Manchego on a Rosemary Cracker

We all have our FAVORITE bite and this here is mine! Get your Kelly's 15% off with my code PLATTERGIRL

#9 - Brie Spoons w/ Strawberry Habanero Spread & Pecans

Such a fun bite! Head to your favorite party supply store or crafting store (hello Hobby Lobby) to find a rubber mold in the shape of a spoon (Or tons of other shapes) and melt a brie into it. Pop into the fridge and top with anything you love to pair with your cheese!

Happy Eating!



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