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New Feature: Quick and Easy Ways to Shop My Recipes With Instacart

Imagine getting home from work, and you are dragging. You collapse on the couch and think, "oh no, what's for dinner?"

You start scrolling through Instagram when you see a Reel from the Platter Girl. You click on her profile and see she posted the most delicious-looking dinner recipe that would hit the spot. If only she could send food through the phone, you wouldn't need to worry about dinner tonight.

You click the link to her website and end up on Platter, looking at all her yummy recipes. You click on a recipe to see if you have any ingredients, and you see a NEW button that says "Order this recipe through Instacart" and think, "what is this?" You decide to try it, and immediately Instacart gets busy collecting your groceries to deliver to your HOUSE.

Yes, my friend, my website has a NEW Feature. You can order recipes through Instacart and have the ingredients delivered to your door. Is that getting you excited? It is for me.

Recently, I found an App called Provecho, which I am using to upload all recipes onto my website. Provecho is a game changer, and they partnered with Instacart so that YOU can order the exact ingredients I use for every recipe I share with you.

Almost every recipe I post is free to you, but having the option to have the exact ingredients come to your house is such a bonus. You have complete control over exactly which recipes you want to order.

I say almost every recipe because a few recipes cost a minimal amount - a few bucks to access these recipes. That's all. Once you buy the recipe, you can order the groceries online through Instacart.

Did you see a charcuterie or grazing board that you would love to recreate but need help figuring out where to start? I have got your back, girl! Provecho and Instacart have got you too! Click on order through Instacart, and the exact ingredients I use will arrive at your door. The next step is to follow my 5-step Platter Girl Method and directions. You can also use the photos as a guide to recreate the charcuterie board.

Do you ever find a recipe you love? Then get in the car to rush to the store only to scour the aisle looking for every ingredient and realize that they are out of stock? This does not need to happen ever again. LET Instacart take care of you.

Another BONUS of using my website is that the Provecho layout of the recipes is the nicest I have ever seen. How many of you find the button on every recipe that says "JUMP TO RECIPE" so that you don't have to scroll through a storybook of information. The information can be informative and interesting. Still, when I am hungry, I want to start making food. With the layout on my website, you will never have to scroll through long storylines to get to the recipe. I have been working on making everything colorful and clear so that you can find the recipe and ingredients ASAP. If you have questions about a recipe, please feel free to reach out. I am happy to help.

If you are jumping up and down because you think this feature is the BEST thing ever, let me show you how it works.

First, click on the recipe you can't live without. Next, scroll past the ingredients list, where you will find a button that says "Get Ingredients with Instacart." This link will redirect you to Instacart's website, where you can log in and place your order.

It's so simple, and I am thrilled that this feature exists. The other part is that you can customize the order if you already have some ingredients in your fridge or pantry. Or you can double the order if you want to make the recipe later in the week. Or you can order recipes for the rest of the week and have them delivered to your house. And you know I love quick, easy, delicious recipes that will make you happy!

I hope you LOVE this new feature as much as I do. I can't wait to hear how it goes. Please find all of my recipes at PlatterGirl under Yummy Recipes. I add new recipes every week, and remember to sign up for my recipe email, where I list 5 of the top recipes for the week so you can plan your meals stress-free.




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