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Elevate Your Spring Spread: How to Create a Stunning Carrot-shaped Crudités Board

Hey there, party people! Spring vibes are in full swing, and it's time to jazz up your gatherings with something seriously cool.

In this post, we're spilling the veggies on how to whip up a funky Carrot-shaped Crudités Board that's as chill as it is delicious. Packed with colorful veggies, cheeses, and rad dips from Toby's Family Foods, this centerpiece will have your crew buzzing with excitement.

Ready to get your snack game on? Let's dive in and create some magic!


  • Cheddar cheese slices

  • Orange tomatoes

  • Cauliflower tubes

  • Orange bell pepper

  • Cheddar crackers

  • Dried apricots

  • Pizza-flavored goldfish crackers

  • Celery sticks

  • Cilantro (for garnish)

  • Toby's Original Spread

  • Toby's Yogurt Ranch

  • Toby's Original Ranch

  • Toby's Feta Dressing


  1. Prep Like a Pro: Start by slicing and dicing your veggies into bite-sized pieces. Think thin cheddar cheese slices, orange tomatoes, and strips of orange bell pepper. Keep it chill and let your creativity flow!

  2. Shape Up: Lay down your canvas (aka a large serving board) and start arranging those veggies to form a funky carrot shape. No need for perfection – just go with the flow and have fun with it! I went super angular apparently but you can make it look more rounded or pointy as you like to.

  3. Surround Yourself: Once your carrot shape is looking fly, surround it with an assortment of cheddar crackers, dried apricots, pizza-flavored goldfish crackers, and celery sticks. It's all about mixing and matching to create those cool-girl vibes.

  4. Dip into Deliciousness: Crack open your jars of Toby's Family Foods Dips and Spreads and get ready to dip into flavor town! Scoop out Toby's Original Spread, Toby's Yogurt Ranch, Original Ranch, and Feta Dressing into separate bowls – it's time to let those taste buds dance!

  5. Garnish and Go: Sprinkle some fresh cilantro on top for a pop of color and freshness. Place those bowls of Toby's dips in the center of the board, and you're ready to rock and roll!

  6. Party On: Your Carrot-shaped Crudités Board is officially the life of the party! Invite your squad to dig in, dip, and enjoy every delicious bite. Don't forget to snap a few pics for the 'gram – this masterpiece deserves to be shared with the world!


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