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Castello Cheese Havarti Party Board

Castello Cheese Battle 🥊 Jalapeño Havarti vs. Caraway Havarti!

Hey Platter Pals! 🌟 Ready to elevate your party game with a cheese board that's bursting with flavor and fun? Look no further—let's dive into the world of Castello Cheese and explore the Jalapeño Havarti vs. Caraway Havarti showdown! Get ready for a cheese adventure that combines the best of both worlds.

Cheese Showdown: Jalapeño Havarti vs. Caraway Havarti!

First up, the epic battle of the Havarti! 🔥 On one side, we have the spicy kick of Jalapeño Havarti, bringing the heat to your taste buds. On the other, the aromatic Caraway Havarti with its savory twist. Can't decide? No worries! We're embracing both for the ultimate cheese fiesta.

Party Pleasers Galore: The Lineup

1. Green Olives 🫒: Tangy, briny, and the perfect palate cleanser. These little green gems add a burst of flavor to every bite.

2. Honey 🍯: A drizzle of sweetness to complement the rich and creamy Havarti. It's the golden touch your cheese board deserves.

3. Whipped Jalapeno Cranberry Dip 🌶️: A zesty dance of flavors! Dive into this creamy dip with a kick, perfect for pairing with both Havarti variations.

4. Pecans 🥜: Crunchy, nutty goodness that adds texture and richness to each bite.

5. Dried Cranberries 🍒: A burst of tartness that plays well with the creamy Havarti. It's like a flavor fireworks show in your mouth.

6. Crackers 🍪: The unsung heroes that carry the cheesy goodness to your eager taste buds. Choose a variety for that perfect crunch.

7. Carrots 🥕: Crisp and refreshing, they add a touch of color and balance to your cheese board.

8. Strawberries 🍓: Juicy and sweet, strawberries provide a delightful contrast to the savory cheeses.

9. S’mores Chocolate Bar 🍫: Because every party needs a touch of indulgence. Break off a piece and let the chocolatey goodness mingle with the cheese.

10. Fresh Basil 🌿: Fragrant and aromatic, fresh basil elevates the entire experience. Tear off a leaf and savor the herbal notes.

Creating the Havarti Party Cheese Board

Arrange the Jalapeño Havarti and Caraway Havarti as the stars of the show. Surround them with the party pleasers in a way that's visually appealing and easily accessible for your guests.

Final Notes

This Castello Cheese Havarti Party Cheese Board is not just a snack; it's an experience! Dive into the different flavors, mix and match, and let your taste buds dance with delight.

Share Your Havarti Adventure!

As you embark on this flavor-filled journey, share your Havarti creations with us! Tag @PlatterGirl on Instagram and let's create a cheese party community. Whether you're team Jalapeño, team Caraway or Team I just love Cheese -there is something for everyone at Platter Girl!

Cheers to cheese, fun, and fabulous gatherings!




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