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CHARCUTERIE // 5 Fall Grazing Boards that Will Absolutely Inspire You

Have you ever seen grazing boards like these? Fall is almost here, and to get you all in the mood, I am sharing 5 of my favorite Autumn grazing board ideas.

Have you felt the season starting to change? The weather in Oregon is already beginning to feel crisper in the morning. The leaves are changing colors and crunching under my feet as I walk along the trails near my home.

My son started a new private school this year that he loves. While he is in school, my daughters and I spend a lot of time exploring parks and trails.

Fall is when we start rifling through our closets for sweaters and boots. We make our way to pumpkin patches and apple orchards. And we start arguing over pumpkin spice! Which one are you? Comment below.

These fall grazing platters will please children and adults alike and fulfill all your fall cravings. These platters will bring a smile to anyone's face.

All the colors on these platters will delight your eyes. The oranges, reds, yellows, and browns intertwine throughout these Fall charcuterie boards.

My method for adding all the delicious food to my grazing platters is:

1. Find your favorite platter or grazing board. Here is one I use all the time

2. Line the tray or board with parchment paper or freezer paper

3. Place your cheese and small dishes on the platter

4. Add your meats (folded or shaped like roses)

5. Add fruits and veggies (get creative with how you cut and style the veggies and fruit and even leave one or two whole pieces of fruit.

6. Add "yummy goodness" like chocolate, spreads, nuts, cookies, and dried fruit.

7. Last, add garnish and take a picture. Voila! You did it! Simple, Right?!

You can watch my reels on Instagram at the_platter_girl to see my process.

1. This first platter features a fantastic Marionberry Habanero spread by Kelly's Jelly, a local Oregon favorite; you can find them on their Instagram shop or online. This platter also includes stroopwafels, Boursin cheese, maple cookies, mini pickles, a full pear, pomegranate, salami slices and British Mustard & Ale cheese along with a fun white pumpkin to garnish.

2. Many of the products featured on this Fall Grazing Board are from Trader Joe's. Don't forget the little touches like flowers and herbs to elevate your fall cheese board. See if you can spot the Fall inspired products and pick some up for yourself.

3. With the beginning of Fall, we still crave those sweet summer days. Feel free to include any and all EOS (end of summer) fruit that is still available at your grocery store. This board offers plenty of spooky inspiration with the creepy gummy fingers and skull candies.

4. I love how this Trader Joe's inspired Mini Fall Charcuterie Cup came together. This color palette of oranges, whites, and greens is everything. This little cutie comes in an adorable and TINY dish from The Pioneer Woman Collection @ Walmart and includes some fun Fall ingredients. I love the pretty orange pumpkin gummies and the cute fruity lolipop in the back combined with my personal favorite cheese and cracker combo - rosemary flatbread crackers from La Panzanella with a nice triangle of manchego. Garnish with salad greens like arugula. This little charcuterie cup is packed!

5. Sunflowers are the ultimate Fall flower and come in a few varieties. Adding bright yellow blooms to your board will instantly cause you to slip into #fallvibes. Really any seasonal flowers, pretty leaves, salad greens and herbs will really elevate your platters so take the time to include them. Visit a local farm or farmer's market to see what is in season.

If you need help putting together a list for your fall charcuterie boards or need help with placement, I have a tutorial on this click here! I am happy to teach you!

I have a ton of ideas I want to share with you all, so sign up for my email list (if you haven’t already) so that you can be the first to see all my upcoming blog posts. You don't want to miss out!

Have a great first week of Fall, and I will see you all here next week. Looking forward to sharing all about Fall soups you can add to your rotation!




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