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CHARCUTERIE // 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Charcuterie

You're doing it wrong...

When looking at pictures of charcuterie online, it's easy to think, "that doesn't look too hard to make," or "I can do that!' And you absolutely can do it.

But before you start - let me share some of the mistakes to avoid and some tips and tricks so that your charcuterie board looks like the pictures on Instagram and not like a hot mess!

Making a professional-looking charcuterie board takes planning, organization and time. If you have these, you are on your way to creating a charcuterie board that will amaze your guests, and you can feel proud and confident about the food you are serving.

1. Disorganized, No Plan, No Theme in mind

When making a charcuterie or platter board having a plan is essential. You need to know how many people you will feed and if they have allergies or food restrictions. Next, you need to plan out the foods you need to buy. If the charcuterie board is an appetizer, you will need less food; if it is the main meal, you will need more.

You need to know how to arrange the food in a pleasing and tasty way. I wouldn't put all the cheeses together on one side. Make sure to evenly disperse the food around the platter using my 5-step method.

A plan ensures that everyone has enough to eat and feels full and satisfied, the charcuterie board looks fantastic, and guests can enjoy the event.

2. Underestimating how much food you will need

I make sure that each person gets about 2-3 oz of cheese and meat, about ½ cup for sauces and dips, 5-10 crackers or slices of bread, depending on size, 6 oz fresh fruit and veggies and 3 - 4 little treats per person. Make sure to buy a variety of different meats and cheeses, and fresh ingredients.

Don't forget to have plenty of serving utensils, plates and napkins for your guests.

3. Leaving food unwrapped and unprepped

Displaying your food on a charcuterie board is an artistic process. Take the time to unwrap, wash, and slice your ingredients. Have a specific prepping area separate from the board on which you will display your food.

Don't leave your cheeses and meats in their container or wrappers like with Boursin cheese itss my personal pet-peeve when the foil is left on. Instead unwrap it and place the cheese directly into a cute little dish. Also, pre-cut any cheese, veggies, fruit and bread to make it easy to grab and move along. And scoop any spreads and dips into serving bowls and garnish them like a pro!

You don't want your guests struggling to get to the delicious food you set out. Let them relax and enjoy all the beautiful food and flavors.

4. Being too strict

Making a charcuterie and platter board should be a fun, creative process. Don't be too strict with yourself. Include the cookies and treats, and add a splash of color with edible flowers and fresh fruit. Platter boards do not have to be all about the meat. I love to display the full range of colors with my (mostly) plant-based platter boards.

5. Overlooking the actual board

I recommend investing in many nice wood serving boards and decorative platters and trays to use for your presentation surface. Each size and style will play a role in multiple meals and spreads. Serving boards are beautiful, flat surfaces to present your edible art. I have several board recommendations that will be coming soon in my Valentine's day gift guide. Check out Tavolo Studio for a beautiful walnut board.

If you are going to make a charcuterie or grazing platter, I want you to have the best chance at success. If you need more help, I have a guide that lays out every detail of how to make the most incredible charcuterie. Here is the link.

Now go make that charcuterie board, and remember to tag me on Instagram when you are done.




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