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 Let's turn that party into a PAR-TAY!

Your upcoming event is the perfect opportunity to treat your friends, family, and clients to a beautiful grazing board! I am all about going a little wild and creating charcuterie you literally won't find anywhere else! Over the past five years, I developed my own personal style for building boards that has been embraced by (honestly) MILLIONS on social media. It started with a vision for an incredibly LUSH spread packed with amazingly delicious cheese pairings, gorgeous & colorful fruits, and tons of UNEXPECTED items you would not normally find on a catering table or charcuterie board. I became HOOKED & used this vision to create amazing grazes that truly are a joy to build and eat! ​

Grazing Table
Grazing Table
Grazing Board
Antipasti Platter
Platter Table
Grazing Table


Friendship Line Drawing

Big or small my grazing platters are always PACKED!

Options include: Cheese + Charcuterie | Cheese Only | Vegan | Crudites + Dip | Seasonal fruit + Sweet Dip


 Grazing Boats (min 10 per order) - $11-$13/each
(feeds 1-2 each bite-sized portion)
7" bamboo boat

Grazing Box


 Mini Box (min 6 per order) - $14-16/each 
(feeds 1-2 each small portion)

8 x 8" box

 Share Size Box (min 4 per catering order) - $28-36/each 
(feeds 1-2 each larger portion)

10" x 10" box

Signature Grazing Board


 Medium Grazing Platter - $160 
(feeds 6 - 10)

14-16" Round or Square Platter

 Large Grazing Platter - $250 
(feeds 12-16)

18-20" Round or Square Platter

 XL Grazing Platter - $375 
(feeds 20+)

22-24" Round or Square Platter

Grazing Table
Grazing Table Maxine for Oregon


Filled with artisanal cheese, salami + other charcuterie meats or plant based options, dips, jams and honeys, nuts, fresh fruit and veggies, plus tons of chocolate and crackers/bread and decorated with gorgeous florals and herbs - my platters and tables do not disappoint! Depending on how many guests you plan to feed and your budget - the sky is truly the limit with grazing tables! I will help you put together the right arrangement of snacks to fill your guests up. Perfectly bite-sized and tasty as heck - a grazing table is the best option for a cocktail party or open houses too when you really just don't know how many people will show. Let's create the perfect graze, buddy!

 P R I C I N G 
 (minimum 25 servings)

Custom Styling

Luxury Experience - $36/per person  

Charcuterie Princess - $32/per person  

Budget Babe - $28/per person 

Signature Table by Size

25 person table (6 feet) - $825 ($33/person)

50-60 person table (8-10 feet) - $1525 ($30/person)

100+ person table (12 feet) - $2800 (28/person)

Every grazing table includes special local ingredients, personal touches and insanely yummy cheese pairings. The  bespoke grazing table pricing structure reflects a range for which my creativity has room to shine within a budget that works well for you and your event. Each design is custom to your event, tastes, and preferences. A graze can be setup on most kitchen countertops, dining room tables, or fold out tables with a nice tablecloth. Prices include platters, tablecloths and tables when needed.


Setup is included but tear down will not be done at the end of your event without additional fee.​ Florals and greenery included and will be customized to accommodate the theme of your event. 

Ready to Graze? Fill out the form to get the cheese wheel rolling!

Catering your event

Planning a special event? Tell us all about it and we’ll get back to you shortly with a quote. Show menu

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