"You only regret the chances you didn't take"

Hello I'm Lea, The Platter Girl coming to ya from Portland, Oregon and bringing all the cheesy, grazy goodness you have been craving!

When I'm not busting out epic platters and spending way too much time on IG, I am wrangling cute babies, taking photos and making videos, and spending time with my amazing husband Ryan of 18 years! We love exploring the Oregon coast and taking drives to listen to music + check out the beautiful state we live in! 

I am a major foodie at heart, and while I don't have a formal culinary degree, I did go to the Culinary Institute of the Food Network! :) My family raised me to be an eater and my childhood nights spent at the dinner table are something I cherish. 

The Platter Girl combines my love of food with my love for togetherness and all things pretty, bringing you artistically crafted and visually stunning platters that are a truly luxurious dining experience. 



Owner of The Platter Girl + The Eat Beautifully Workshops

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