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About Me.

Hey there, I'm Lea (Lee-uh), a photographer, recipe developer, charcuterie influencer, soon-to-be published author, former Amazonian, and mama to three silly gooses.

Oh and did I mention grazing helped me lose over 100 lbs?

Platter Girl
is where you will find the best party food ideas on the web! From simple appetizers to grazing tables to stunning salads and healthy, mostly plant-based options for charcuterie boards, there is something delicious for everyone here at Platter Girl!

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Would you have guessed?


I've lived in 4 states - California, Washington, Arkansas, and Oregon but consider myself to be a Pacific Northwester for life!


My favorite food to go out for is sushi but I love to stay in for tacos or anything baked brie!


I've lost 115 lbs over the last 3.5 years. Ask me about how I use intuitive eating to help me reach my goals!


Beach > Mountains. Just gonna leave that there. 

I was adopted when I was five years old! 


Truth or Dare?

The platters and recipes I share are inspired by the abundance of delicious ingredients I have access to and by my rumbling tummy! Let's be honest, most people who cook do so because they started out hungry! What you may not know about me, is that I have "gone hungry" many times and my creativity in the kitchen stems from NOT always having food around but also not letting that stop me from enjoying a lovely meal.

Struggles can make us strong and resourceful. They show us who we are, who those are around us, and who we can be in the future. We can choose to use our experiences to harden us, to turn away from what seems so difficult to grasp... or we can lean in, and face the trial, face the truth about ourselves and others, and start a new path. I truly believe those are characteristics needed for being successful in life and in the kitchen (+ on the internet too!)


I was a foster child until the age of 5...and then adopted into an abusive family. Fifteen years of my young life was spent facing physical and psychological abuse, invalidation, humiliation tactics, neglect, and total lack of support into adulthood. After my painful and confusing experience there, I spent 20+ years doing anything I could to feel like I was good enough. That usually meant eating my feelings and getting blackout drunk, hopping from job to job, going down rabbit holes on creative projects, and generally lying to myself and others that I was OK. For so long I refused to face what I had gone through... refused to cry, thinking that if I only became "more resilient", more determined to be happy and "successful" that I could do ANYTHING! That I could get back the time lost. That I could be whole.  

But that's not exactly how life works.


I eventually worked my way into a lovely corporate nightmare where I met tons of amazing people and stretched my professional-self beyond what I ever thought possible... but was miserable and overwhelmed daily, I hardly had time for my family, was massively overweight, and was really bummed that I was not using my creative talents to their fullest potential...  I knew things couldn't go on like this forever...

My husband's Aunt, a strong Christian woman in my life, offered me some advice. She said, why not try listening to worship music on your commute to and from work for a month. See if it makes a difference in your life. I was afraid to try. I grew up with church as my "babysitter" and felt that I had always known Jesus to some degree. I also knew I would cry listening to that music - and there was no way I was gonna ruin my makeup on my way to work!! 

But somehow, a week or so after the comment, I began switching my normal music to this radio station "K-LOVE" on my way to work. The first day, I cried almost immediately. The words were speaking right to my heart. I remember wiping the tears from my face as I headed into my Seattle office and checking the mirror to make sure no one could tell I had been crying. It went on like that for over two years. Eventually, I stopped crying so much and was able to face what God was saying to me. The one thing I never truly believed - I am loved. I never needed to DO anything. 


I began praying. Something I had always done but only in moments of need or desperation. But this time was different. I just let it all out and surrendered my heart to Jesus and His will for my life. I asked Him for everything I wanted and needed, this time with intention and KNOWING he was there. I never knew how much he would see me and hear me. 

Very quickly my life began to change and with His strength I was able to shed myself of my old way of thinking and living. I had a home water birth with my middle daughter that completely changed transformed me, I quit my 6-figure corporate job, lost 115 pounds, started doing my art and focusing on the path I feel that God has set before me. And I am so cool with that. 


Today, I am SO grateful for the insane array of ingredients we are able to provide for our family + share with all of you! I hope you will find inspiration, something NEW + Interesting, and something you want to share with YOUR PEOPLE! Thank you for being here and for being such a huge part of my story! 


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